So at the weekend Lulabelles took part in its very first wedding show. Two days later i am still floating on cloud nine! The response from brides, by standers, other suppliers and my followers has been amazing! I am so overwhelmed by all the lovely comments and feedback. It was a massive milestone for us as a new up and coming small business to have a stand at such a large show! We even ran out of pricelists for our lovely brides to be, because i never anticipated such a large volume of people would actually be interested in me!

Fast forward 24 hours before the show, and my anxiety had almost gotten the best of me. Driving to newmarket racecourse i was a crying stressed out anxious mess and i was convinced i couldn't do it. I was making a massive mistake, what if no one came to see me? What if people didn't take me seriously because i a newcomer to this world? What if i stuttered my words, and made an idiot of myself? I decided for a split second that was it, i was shutting up shop, because if this is what it takes to make it in the wedding world then i couldn't do it. I love weddings and love organising but i could't put myself out there and potentially get knocked back. Thankfully those doubts lasted all of 30 seconds before my dad (and number one lulabelles supporter - bless him!) rang me "Where are you? I've started unloading the van" Ten minutes later i arrived at the stand, calm and composed with sunglasses hiding my red puffy eyes (although my heart racing ten to the dozen)! And everything was unloaded and waiting for me to put in place and make pretty. A quick twenty minutes later and i was done and on my way back home telling myself my stand looked beautiful and i would be ok.

The show went amazing! So many people came by and were like "I follow you on instagram" "I like your facebook page" and that literally made me tingle and feel all warm inside. I cannot thank all the lovely ladies enough that came my way on sunday! I loved every minute of it and i don't know why i was ever so worried! Little miss Lulabelle herself, was on competition duties. With her charismatic charm, who could say no to a cute six year old asking if you'd like to fill out your details for a chance to win the flower wall? With over 170 entries, she definitely earned her keep this week! And was paid in her favourite powdered milk bottles! Also helping us out on the stand, was my step mum, Janet - a wedding show pro has been doing wedding shows for over 20 years and knew all the faces. Janet with lacey helped get details of brides that were interested in booking with us, and she helped regain a little confidence in myself. The time flew by, and before i knew it, it was 3pm the traffic was dying down a little and i had time to munch on a scotch egg and a cupcake from the hilton girls! 

Since the show, the one thing many people have since said to me, was how they could tell i had such a passion for the things i was talking about! And i really do, i challenge you to find someone who is more obsessed with weddings that i am. Not only am i obsessed, but i'm a stickler for perfection! Everything has to be 'just so' and never 'it'll do'.

We have booked to do another wedding show at the athenaeum in bury st edmunds in october, and i cannot wait. Its kind of addictive, this wedding show stuff! Lot of ideas are running through my head how i can make my stand look. Is there anything you'd all like to see? Let me know! 





noun: wedding; plural noun: weddings

1. the act or ceremony of marrying; marriage; nuptials.

2. the anniversary of a marriage, or the celebration:

Many brides to be, like me, have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were little girls. And with all those years of mentally planning the big day, every time the 'man of their dreams' walks past you would have thought we'd know all the lingo! But when it comes to actually planning your wedding, there's a whole new language to be learned! 

Boutonniere - A floral decoration worn by the men. The same as button hole, just french... and fancier! 

Cathedral & Chapel - Nope, that's not where you'll be getting married! Its two types of veil lengths! Cathedral = Very Long. Chapel = Not as long as very long! 

Corkage - This is the extortionate fee the venue or caters will charge you to remove the corks from your own bought wine! And yes... this applies to screw tops too! 

Dais - Some fancy word, for a podium or platform raised from the floor for the bride and groom or for the top table to sit on! 

Favour - Not quite the same favour as asking your bridesmaids to hold your dress while you wee. This is the small gift you leave your guests on their place setting. 

First Look - Traditionally happens just before the ceremony, when the bride and groom see eachother for the first time. And a chance for some photographs of the special moment. 

Fish Bowls - Not something to put Gary the Goldfish in that you won at the fair, nor filled with sickly alcoholic beverages with bendy straws. These can be used for centerpieces!

Luminaria - Nope, not that that french bronzed babe of a candelabra in the beauty and the beast. This is a lantern made from a paper bag weighed down with sand and a lit candle inside. 

Reception - Not an over sized swanky desk in the hotel lobby, this is in fact the PARTY which follows the wedding!

Swag / Swagging - Lengths of fabric draped from ceilings, down walls or across top tables and cake tables. Weddings can have "swag" too ya know! 

Sweetheart Table - A table for two! If you want a little alone time to enjoy your wedding breakfast with your new Mr or Mrs. 

Wedding Breakfast - No, this isn't eggs benedict accompanied by a buzz fizz on the morning of your wedding. This is actually the dinner served to you and your guests! 


Last weekend we had the pleasure of dressing the marquee at the ever so beautiful Longstowe Hall. This was our first visit to the venue and WOW was we blown away by the grounds and the lake. Only ten minutes out of Cambridge, it was the perfect setting for the perfect couple - Mr & Mrs Lambert!

Roberta initially contacted me first and foremost for chalkboards and balloons to line the aisle. But the list soon grew! Eventually the lovely couple settled on our new giant chalkboard, six mini chalkboards for signs, our medium chalkboard with order of day,  mr and mrs balloons, gold LOVE balloons, ten giant balloons to line the aisle, blush taffeta sashes tied to the side and of course no wedding would be complete without our famous flower wall to set the scene behind the tower of italian deserts.

Seamlessly coordinated by Michael, he could be heard prepping the ushers on what to do, to ensure his beautiful bride, Roberta, had the most perfect and special day! And wasn't it just that! With Roberta's italian heritage shining through, from her signature cocktail written in italian, the mountain of italian deserts piled high in front of the flower wall and the AMORE light up letters from Rocks and Frocks over the typical LOVE. It all looked spectacular! The amazing flower centrepieces, and scattered petals created by Clare Jones Floral Design, tied in beautifully with the blush taffeta sashes. As well as the gorgeous arrangements by the pergola for the ceremony, button holes and bouquets! The weather played ball, and the day went off without a hitch (Once we decided to bring the aisle balloons back in that was! Which was due to a little wind... I mean no one wants a concussed bride by giant latex balloon now do they?) And all this was of course captured by the very talented Annie Lovett Photograhpy

Attached are a few photos, some are mine, some are stolen.. (Sorry / Thank you!)

Lulabelles wishes both Roberta and Michael, a lifetime of happiness. Baby shower next is it? God those babies will be beautiful! 

Lots of Love

A xo

My First Post - Why Hello There!

Hey Kids!

My first blog post... I don't know if I am excited or scared for peoples reactions! 

I thought i'd start up a blog, because I have so much time on my hands... yeah right - as a mountain of paperwork, to do lists and next weekends wedding prep pile up on my desk! Haha, No, I've actually decided on a blog so I can connect more so with my followers! All the loyal customers that keep coming back and to my new prospective ones! So you can all see what's new, what we're up to, products were thinking about introducing, an insight to my hectic days in the lead up to those big occasions and also to engage with you and see what you may want from me? Is lulabelles missing anything? I try and post as regularly as possible on my social media but feel limited on the depth I can go! So I thought what better platform than the lulabelles website, to speak to you all through! I'm not for one minute promising to be a three weekly blogger.... but I'll keep you all well and truly in the lulabelles loop!

We have so many new and exciting things to be sharing with you in the up and coming weeks that I can't wait to let you in on!

I think that will be all for now, its about time I tend to that paperwork I was earlier speaking of. Distraction over!

Speak soon my little loves!

A xo