My First Post - Why Hello There!

Hey Kids!

My first blog post... I don't know if I am excited or scared for peoples reactions! 

I thought i'd start up a blog, because I have so much time on my hands... yeah right - as a mountain of paperwork, to do lists and next weekends wedding prep pile up on my desk! Haha, No, I've actually decided on a blog so I can connect more so with my followers! All the loyal customers that keep coming back and to my new prospective ones! So you can all see what's new, what we're up to, products were thinking about introducing, an insight to my hectic days in the lead up to those big occasions and also to engage with you and see what you may want from me? Is lulabelles missing anything? I try and post as regularly as possible on my social media but feel limited on the depth I can go! So I thought what better platform than the lulabelles website, to speak to you all through! I'm not for one minute promising to be a three weekly blogger.... but I'll keep you all well and truly in the lulabelles loop!

We have so many new and exciting things to be sharing with you in the up and coming weeks that I can't wait to let you in on!

I think that will be all for now, its about time I tend to that paperwork I was earlier speaking of. Distraction over!

Speak soon my little loves!

A xo