noun: wedding; plural noun: weddings

1. the act or ceremony of marrying; marriage; nuptials.

2. the anniversary of a marriage, or the celebration:

Many brides to be, like me, have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were little girls. And with all those years of mentally planning the big day, every time the 'man of their dreams' walks past you would have thought we'd know all the lingo! But when it comes to actually planning your wedding, there's a whole new language to be learned! 

Boutonniere - A floral decoration worn by the men. The same as button hole, just french... and fancier! 

Cathedral & Chapel - Nope, that's not where you'll be getting married! Its two types of veil lengths! Cathedral = Very Long. Chapel = Not as long as very long! 

Corkage - This is the extortionate fee the venue or caters will charge you to remove the corks from your own bought wine! And yes... this applies to screw tops too! 

Dais - Some fancy word, for a podium or platform raised from the floor for the bride and groom or for the top table to sit on! 

Favour - Not quite the same favour as asking your bridesmaids to hold your dress while you wee. This is the small gift you leave your guests on their place setting. 

First Look - Traditionally happens just before the ceremony, when the bride and groom see eachother for the first time. And a chance for some photographs of the special moment. 

Fish Bowls - Not something to put Gary the Goldfish in that you won at the fair, nor filled with sickly alcoholic beverages with bendy straws. These can be used for centerpieces!

Luminaria - Nope, not that that french bronzed babe of a candelabra in the beauty and the beast. This is a lantern made from a paper bag weighed down with sand and a lit candle inside. 

Reception - Not an over sized swanky desk in the hotel lobby, this is in fact the PARTY which follows the wedding!

Swag / Swagging - Lengths of fabric draped from ceilings, down walls or across top tables and cake tables. Weddings can have "swag" too ya know! 

Sweetheart Table - A table for two! If you want a little alone time to enjoy your wedding breakfast with your new Mr or Mrs. 

Wedding Breakfast - No, this isn't eggs benedict accompanied by a buzz fizz on the morning of your wedding. This is actually the dinner served to you and your guests! 

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