If you’ve found yourself here, then its because you fancy your chances of working for the newly award winning Lulabelles. And if you have followed me for some time you will have come to the realisation, that I love my business more than my babies - (Joking, i love them when they are sleeping!) and that I also have a terrible sense of humour! Which you will have to learn to laugh along with should you come to work along side me. You’ll most probably know that I have built the business, based on a crazed obsession with weddings, right from the ground up, on my own and I am ever so protective of my third baby Lulabelle. So maintaining the businesses reputation, ensuring quality is of the absolute highest, we are punctual, professional and presentable but most of all that we recreate the vision the couple have dreamed of forever!

Becoming a venue stylist, is so much more than placing a few bits of fancy schmancy ornate looking objects on a table, chucking a few bows on chairs and taking pictures on portrait mode!

I am looking for a hard working, reliable, problem solving individual(s) with an eye for detail. Work will include any thing from loading the van, unloading, doing chairs, setting up the whole venue, inflating balloons, taking photos, running social media lives, videos, steaming drapes, lugging ladders and packing down.

If I haven’t put you off the fact that the life of a venue stylist really isn’t all that glamorous, then I would love to hear from you..

Please note, i would never expect someone to continuously work early mornings and late nights, like i do! This is why i am offering up potentially a few positions. Lates & Earlys only really tend to be at the weekend! And depending on venue, aren't always necessary.
What is your current set up? Do you have a partner and/or children? What do you love to do in your spare time? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Do you have aspirations to be in the event world, or would you just like a summer of laughs and earn some extra money? Neither hinder or help your chances, i'm a nosy girl, and i want straight up honest assistant(s)!! Haha.
Tell me from colours right down to your cake - how would you do your wedding if money was no object?